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The 10th Pan-Hellenic Conference of Pharma PLUS was held in Karditsa recently, where more than 90 attendees - members of the network participated. Today, the Pharma PLUS network lists 88 pharmacies, which in 2010 marked an increase in sales of 14.4% in nutritional supplements and 4.5% in parapharmaceuticals. They also had significantly better results in the prescription sector compared to the rest of the market that declined by 12.6% due to the decrease of their prices.
Intelectual Property
Our granted patent portfolio consists of a large number of patents covering the whole spectrum of our technologies and products, while many new patent applications are still under examination.
Examples of patents already approved are:

  • Transdermal therapeutic system containing oestradiol (for hormone replacement), in USA, Europe and elsewhere.
  • Use of a pharmaceutical substance for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men, in USA and Europe.
  • Use of a pharmaceutical substance for the treatment of sexual dysfunction in women, in USA and Europe.
  • Drug Delivery Systems based on Slow-DisTM technology, in USA.
  • Epidermal system against acne prone skin.
  • Systems based on the use of natural polymers.
  • Methods of processing substances, based on Supercritical Fluids.
  • Antioxidant and cyto-protective properties of olives, olive special extracts, olive components and olive oil production wastewater, in Greece and USA.

Moreover, many patent applications are still under evaluation worldwide.

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